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Время покажет. Время ещё всем покажет!
Drawing is not all about technic. It's also about finding courage to admit, that your crooked lines is not actually that bad. A circle can be not purely round, but it's still a circle. You can recognise a square in a form with not equal sides. And so on.
Of cource, one should always aim for the best. But you CAN draw things much sooner then it seems you could.

Just ckeck this out: your drawing comes nicer with time. When you just finished drawing, it looks like an ink stain, accidentally dropped on paper. Maybe, some kind of Rorchach inkblot? But if you give it some time and estimate it again later, you'll be much more satisfied.
It might be me and my low self-esteem, I don't know. But it works for me just fine. Maybe it'll work for you too (if it didn't already — and if it did, please, comment below).

Whatever actual artist you ask, the only answer will be: keep drawing. Not blindly — there are lots of diferent learning sequences out there — but bravely and willingly. And it's the core of the whole process. To keep going not with stubborness, but with faith.

P.S.: dunno, why in english. Just a spontaneous desire.

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